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Most Important Summer Home Maintenance Projects.

Being proactive when it comes to your home’s maintenance can save you time and money! Focus on maintaining these 5 areas.
Posted by Teri Krueger on July 31, 2018 in  2018  Buyers  Helpful Info  Home Improvements  Home Maintenance  Northfield  Northfield Real Estate  Seller  Sellers
With the bright sunlight and warm temperatures that accompany summer, you may be spending more time outside — and you may be noticing areas of your home’s exterior that need repair. But there’s more reason to tackle your home maintenance projects this summer than simply cosmetic appearance. Maintaining your home will prevent major leaks and damage that may eventually require professional help, usually when its most expensive and inconvenient for you. Being proactive when it comes to your home&... read more
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8 ways to cut you holiday energy bill

Posted by Abi Malecha on December 07, 2015 in  Home Maintenance  Northfield

The holiday season can push up your utility bill, but here are some tips to keep it down.

8 ways to cut your holiday energy bill

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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on October 21, 2014 in  Home Maintenance
Fall is typically a great time to tackle home improvement projects as weather is generally dryer and temperatures are more favorable.  Before you start your interior and exterior projects, take a look at what you, as a homeowner, can handle.  As always, consult with a professional if you are in need of some assistance. Here is a fall maintenance checklist you may wish to consider: -Rake leaves and aerate the lawn. -Have forced-air heating system inspected by a professional before needing to t... read more
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Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Fire Prevention Month 2014
Posted by Courtney Hackensmith on October 10, 2014 in  Home Maintenance
The month of October marks Fire Prevention month.  Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire that killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed 17,400 buildings and burned more than 2000 acres.  Fire prevention week has been planned around this tragic event since 1922.   This year’s Fire Prevention campaign is Smoke Alarms Save Lives.  If there is one thing to know about smoke alarms it is that they should be in every home. The problem with smoke... read more
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