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Protocol for Home Showings during 'Shelter in Place' Order

For Buyer's and Seller's Agents
Posted: April 14, 2020 by Teri Krueger


Listing Agent
Before a Showing: 

Double check with Seller prior to showing to ensure no one is sick in the home and to go over all protocols and ensure they are being followed by Seller; taking note of anything unusual that needs to be conveyed to Seller or Buyer’s Agent. Document. 

Seller Instructions Prior to Showing: 
  • Turn on all lights.
  • Open all interior doors.
Seller Instructions After a Showing: 
  • Communicate with your agent BEFORE re-entering the home:
  • Ensure proper protocols were followed,
  • Note any areas that were inadvertently touched or if there were any unrestrained coughs or sneezes that took place during the showing.
  • Sanitize all frequently touched areas again immediately after entering home. 
  • Sanitize any areas that were touched inadvertently and/or disinfect areas in the area where a cough or sneeze occurred. Note that (according to some reports) sneezes stay in the area for approximately 45 minutes. 
After a Showing: 

Communicate with Buyer’s Agent and Seller: 
  • Ensure both Agent and Buyer(s) followed protocol,
  • Convey information to Seller.
  • Document


Buyer's Agent
Buyer's Agent Prior to Scheduling Showing:

  • Qualified buyers only;l delay showings for Buyer's 'Just Looking.'
  • No more than two adults at a showing
  • No children at a showing
  • Complete the Visitor's Health Screening Questionnaire prior to scheduling the showing:
  1. Have you traveled to/from an area with known local spread of COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
  2. Have you come into close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who has had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
  3. Have you or household family members experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing?
  4. If any of the answers above are 'Yes,' the default should be to not allow the showing. If the showing is to be considered, Buyer's Agent MUST convey this information to Listing Agent to consult with Seller.
Buyer's Agent Prior to Entering the Home:
  • Disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer containting at least 60% alcohol.
  • Ensure clients/customers disinfect their hands. Watch them do it.
  • Agents and clients/customers wearing gloves, follow the above AND:
  • Sanitize ALL hands again with the gloves on. The gloves are not sterile after pulling the out of the box, your pocket, etc. The gloves are for both your protection AND protecting anything you touch from you.
  • If no one is wearing gloves, proceed with showing after all persons have sanitized their hands.
  • Do not allow buyers into a home if they are showing signs of any illness or anyone they are in close contact with.

During Showing:
  • Agent opens lockbox and front door and allows Buyer to enter home. Keep appropriate distance.
  • Agent closes front door, using knob only.
  • Remove all shoes or put on shoe covers.
  • Maintain appropriate distance (6') at all times during showing.
  • Neither Agent nor Buyer is to touch anything during showing.
  • If anyone touches anything in the home inadvertently, Agent must take note and communicate to Listing Agent.
  • If anyone coughs or sneezes inside home, ensure the cough or sneeze is contained, e.g., coughing inside the elbow or inside the coat or shirt. If cough or sneeze is released into the home, Agent must take note and communicate to Listing Agent.
After a Showing:
  • Leave lights on. Leave all interior doors open.
  • Agent opens door to exit and allows Buyer to exit home. Keep appropriate distance.
  • Agent closes front door using knob only and replaces key into lock box.
  • Remove all shoe covers, place in plastic bag.
  • Remove all gloves, if worn, and place in plastic bag per instructions below:
How to Safely Remove Gloves

  • Text Listing Agent the time you are leaving the property and if all protocols were followed or not.
  • Communicate any issues to Listing Agent via text or voice mail immediately after showing to allow Listing Agent time to communicate with Seller prior to them re-entering the home.
  • Document

Note: The Covid-19 Virus can live on your clothing and shoes and be transmitted for several hours after. Be mindful of what you touch and when. As always, follow the mantra:
Wash Your Hands
Don't Touch Your Face

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